The History of Pago

Every success story starts with an idea. Pago’s idea was about liquid fruit. Since 1888 up to now every sip of Pago is something special – a pure and unique pleasure



The Austrian Jakob Pagitz founded the company together with his brother Franz. The first flavours Apple, blackcurrant and redcurrant were offered.


Innovative juice press technique

Jakob Pagitz Junior joined the parental business and developed a unique juice press technique.


Brand name

The brand PAGO was born: from the first three letters from the company founder and the first letter of the German word for fruit – Obst.


Acquisition and Enlargement of assortment

The Austrian biggest brewery company takes over Pago which gives Pago access to a huge distribution network in gastronomy in Austria.


The new international bottle

Pago is market leader in the Austrian gastronomy and discovers potential outside the boarders for the first time. The new international green glass bottle with yellow lid is born.


Export boost

Pago conquers Europe: Pago is available in 16 European countries and represented in bigger countries with own distribution companies. In the OOH-business Pago also becomes market leader in Italy, Croatia and France.


125 years of Pago & acquisition of Eckes-Granini

Pago is celebrating 125 years anniversary. The brand is taken over from Eckes-Granini which has now an international OOH-brand in its portfolio.